Street Photography is a very candid style, it is sincere and is born directly from human expression. It is the constant work in progress of creating stories on the streets, of finding beauty in imperfection, of observing all corners of the world to see how powerful all elements are when they become one.
From the moment I started going outside with my camera and observing everything around me, I fell in love with the fact that I could see and capture beauty with my camera in places that would not normally be seen without it.
Coming to Japan felt like a dream come true. I was always interested to learn about their philosophy and culture, such as the Wabi Sabi philosophy. I was curious to learn about their way of observing the smallest details & finding beauty everywhere.
I've felt a lot of growth in this city, getting very inspired by what my eyes were observing, and that is what I relate in this Street Photography collection. Tokyo felt like a movie since the moment I arrived and with this series of work I became the director of that movie.
With this collection I mint moments that I will treasure for eternity, like a magical experience that I am having in the city of Tokyo.

Japan became an immense source of growth, uncovering shadows to become one with them and motivating me to bring out the child in me, to unleash the artist in me. 
As every journey, there is a beginning and an end...
"Origins" is about taking the first step towards our roots. It all started when I climbed to the top of Mt Fuji. A day where I created my first deep connection with a Torii Gate and its spiritual meaning. A day when I became amazed by seeing one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen in my life.
Since that day, I became obsessed and started learning about what these gates symbolize, their history and religion. I spent days and days doing research about different gates around the country, I visited dozens of gates, and as I ticked off boxes on my to visit list, I noticed that each of these gates had something to tell.
This "Torii" collection represents the transformation of the soul and the connection with your roots, with your origins.
These gates are not just a door to another realm, but a guardian of balance, so that when crossing it we recognize that everything we need is here, right now.
S. T. A. Y.

As a young artist, I am constantly looking for personal development, creating daily incremental growth, and this is why I also love to explore myself in different environments.
The series reflects the core of my growth while living abroad. Each piece is created in a different country, at a different time, and reflects a specific realization.
This is an evolving collection, as I continue to document my adventures in hopes of inspiring others to embrace their individual paths and achieve their dreams.
Join me on my expedition.
Language of Silence

The main goal of this series is to create works of art that resonate deeply during quiet contemplation. In a world that is constantly changing at a very fast pace, I believe that wisdom can be gained by pausing and understanding the messages through the language of silence.

"Silence is the universal language of all shared struggles, of all shared beauty and love. 
It becomes a form of connection. 
A connection in moments of difficulty and in moments of joy.
A connection that sustains a realization.
Realizing that being alone and experiencing silence does not translate into loneliness.
Realizing that we are part of a larger collective."

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