A dreamer embarks on an endless journey across diverse environments, followed by the observant moon.

Despite a longing to STAY, he is destined to leave, going through different stages in each chapter of the expedition.

The dreamer creates a unique path by accepting the dynamic nature of life and paying attention to the various signs, experiencing the aspects of life that shape his own destiny.
Chapter 1: Childhood

The start of everything.

The main subject embodies myself as a child alone with his dream
and with curiosity to learn what's out there.

Denia, Valencia (Spain)
​​​​​​Chapter 2: Enlightenment

The second adventure of the journey.

A stage of self-exploration and personal growth.

"The moment I stepped out of my comfort zone for the first time, 
the moment I felt lost but at the same time found myself, 
the moment I became enlightened."

In a Tulip field somewhere in the Netherlands
Chapter 3: Dream

The third chapter relates an spiritual journey creating deep connections with my roots.

The place where I continue my growth, 
the place where I wanted to be in, 
the place where I capture my dreams.

I am a dreamer transforming my dreams into realities.

Shinjuku, Tokyo (Japan)
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