Connect with your roots.

I reached the summit at 12,400 feet and looked at the world from above the clouds after a six hour hike, with heavy breathing and a camera around my neck. There, I discovered a Torii Gate, a symbol that unites all things into one, igniting my enlightenment and beginning the journey to the origins of my soul.

Mt. Fuji, Japan
"Between Two Worlds"

I crossed the gate and felt transported into another world, losing track of time but connected with nature and feeling at peace in a lost place between mountains, somewhere in Japan.

Lake Ashi, Hakone

"The Divine is Calling"

After returning three times to the same location, I observed the Torii Gate in the middle of the ocean from a perspective that drew me in. In that moment, I felt connected to the divine, feeling only calm in the warm colors of the world.

Hayama, Kanagawa (Japan)

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